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Let's talk TikTok

social media Jan 29, 2022

Michael...TikTok is for Twerking Teens

Ok, how many of you have said that about TikTok. Or things like "facebook is for old farts" and "nobody uses Snap anymore", or some other negative comments about social media - maybe because you're burned out on social or maybe because you saw The Social Dilemma  - and if you didn't watch that, you should.

Well...I said that for a long time about TikTok. I opened a TikTok account in September  2019 and posted now and then until February 2020. Those videos got an average of 200 ~ 300 views and as of January 1 this year (2022) I had been off TikTok for 11months and had 90 followers.

I wasn't really into what the feed was showing me either - Tons of teenagers doing pranks, jiggling to music I've never heard, and people being rude to the police. That was my first impression of TikTok in those days

Well here we are at the end of January, 2022.

I follow a lot of online marketing folks, online course creators, and tons of people in the knowledge sharing industry. Somewhere along the line (maybe it was Brendon Burchard's Influencer Summit), someone bought up the fact that TikTok has a billion monthly users, and new the new subscriber rates are booming. And TikTok seems to be a attracting a ton of older users (older than teens - someone mentioned that 25-55 year olds are the fastest growing demographic. I got interested.

So....after posting consistently every day this month (38 videos in 29 days) the results look like this:

I basically picked up over 20,000 new followers this month. Crazy! And my top three videos look like this:

444.9K? and that video has been up just 11 days. I'm @happyenglishny on TikTok, BTW.

I'm sharing all of this, because it's been a great lesson. In the world of social media, you need to:

  • Stay current
  • Stay informed
  • Stay consistent 

I'm shocked that an old fart like me could reach this level of popularity in just a month. Keep learning and keep at it  - That's the takeaway here.

How about you? What has worked for you on social media - or not worked? What was your Ah-ha moment? Leave a comment!

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